• About Us

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    What We Do

    Smart Step is a one of a kind education counseling service for 'at risk' students in high-school and college. We are here to help students flourish academically and conquer their personal goals in order to create a fulfilling life. Specializing in disability support and transition planning, we work one on one with students to asses challenges and develop an individualized academic plan (IAP). These plans can include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • College application assistance,
    • Transcript evaluation
    • Transfer planning
    • Ongoing accountability meetings
    • Connection to appropriate resources
    • Navigation of the school system
    • Study and test taking strategies
    • Advocating for students with disabilities

    Using effective interventions and strategies Smart Step will be with your young adult every step of the way.


    Our Philosophy

    Perspective: At Smart Step, we believe that every obstacle presents an opportunity for growth. Our current system tends to views students with "disabilities" and other challenges as having deficits. However, we understand that everyone learns differently and finding the strengths one has is the key to success.


    Purpose: At Smart Step we believe every individual has a purpose in life. Without a clear idea of what this is and a map of how to get there students can often feel lost and unmotivated. Part of our approach is finding the passion that each student has and using it to fuel their progress.


    With the right perspective and purpose any student can take the steps towards a fulfilling and independent life.


    Let us help your child find their purpose today!