• The Founder

    Heather Pritchett M.S., Educational Counselor- With over 12 years in the field of education, Heather's passion is to help all students thrive! She began working with “at risk” populations as a disabilities tutor. During this time, she gained a deep understanding of appropriate classroom accommodations, and the most effective study techniques for varying disabilities. Her most significant experiences, however, occurred while working as an academic counselor at a therapeutic living program. It was there she acquired both the practical skill to help students tackle obstacles, and the knowledge necessary to make the system work for them. Collaborating with psychiatrists and psychologists, she developed individualized academic plans for a wide range of diagnoses. Most recently Heather has acted as assistant principal and career counselor at a transitional school for autism. Here, she has truly witnessed the struggle that students with autism face in school and in the world. Having insight into the specialized needs of these students, she has helped hundreds meet their goals. She coaches them through every step using a model that is caring, engaging, and effective.